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Cookie Company in Freehold, New Jersey


Watch out Mrs. Fields.  There is a new cookie company in town.  And this one is healthy.  Sookies Cookies uses all natural, organic ingredients to make their cookies truely outstanding.  You haven’t tasted cookies this good ever.  And they won’t do a thing to your waistline….unless you eat the whole box. Then you might have a problem.  Enjoy a modest amount and you can be eatting cookies everyday with your regular other meals and not feel guilty.

Remember an apple a day keeps the doctor away mantra?  We’ll this just might be the new apple.  Sookies Cookies are so healthy and delish you won’t believe the awesomeness that this cookie company will have..just having one of these cookies will make you happy.

Forget about fad diets.  Have a cookie from the best new cookie company in town.

cookie company freehold, nj

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